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Vastu Tips

Vaastu Tips for Home

Vaastu is a set of principals or guidelines on how to construct/develop a house to make sure a full flow of positive energy prevails around the family all the time. According to set traditional beliefs, It is of paramount importance that the house remains blessed under the influence of a specific positivism.

Here we have mentioned some of the Vaastu tips that you can keep in mind while choosing the right property:
  • According to Vaastu, there should be a nameplate with your name on it, for opportunities and blessings to find you easily
  • Each door should open towards inside
  • To get rid of negative energy, a lemon should be kept in a glass of water, and it should be changed every Saturday
  • Some religious signs (OM symbols and Swastika sign) should be placed on the front door
  • An aquarium should be placed in south-east corner of the living room for prosperity
  • Mops and broom should not be placed in the kitchen
  • Door of toilets and bathroom should be shut all the time
  • Plants of cactus should never be grown in your house
  • A happy family photograph should be placed inside your living room
  • Furniture in the house should be set in forms of a circle, square or an octagon
  • The north direction should never be closed as it represents prosperity
  • Sleep placing your head towards south
  • Dining table should have an even number of chairs
  • The study desk should be kept in such a way to make sure that the kid faces east, north or north-east corner while studying
  • Kid's room should be painted with green colour as it increases freshness and brain power.