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Property in Noida for Sale

110 Projects

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  • Project By : Exotica Housing

    Exotica Dreamville
    TYPE Size Price
    2BHK 920 Sq.Ft - 1235 Sq.Ft 35.2 Lac - 47.2 Lac
    2BHK+2T 920 Sq.Ft 35.2 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1035 Sq.Ft 41.1 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1235 Sq.Ft 47.2 Lac
    3BHK 1340 Sq.Ft - 1705 Sq.Ft 50.6 Lac - 67.8 Lac
    3BHK+2T 1340 Sq.Ft 50.6 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1705 Sq.Ft 67.8 Lac
  • Project By : Supertech

    Supertech Capetown
    TYPE Size Price
    2BHK 930 Sq.Ft - 1082 Sq.Ft 44.8 Lac - 52.1 Lac
    2BHK+2T 930 Sq.Ft 44.8 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1082 Sq.Ft 52.1 Lac
    3BHK 1150 Sq.Ft - 1945 Sq.Ft 55.4 Lac - 93.7 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1150 Sq.Ft 55.4 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1295 Sq.Ft 62.4 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1505 Sq.Ft 72.5 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1625 Sq.Ft 78.2 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1945 Sq.Ft 93.7 Lac
    4BHK 2385 Sq.Ft - 2385 Sq.Ft 1.1 Cr - 1.1 Cr
    4BHK+4T 2385 Sq.Ft 1.1 Cr
  • Project By : Le Solitairian Group

    Solitairian City
    TYPE Size Price
    1BHK 615 Sq.Ft - 655 Sq.Ft 20.6 Lac - 21.9 Lac
    1BHK+1T 615 Sq.Ft 20.6 Lac
    1BHK+1T 655 Sq.Ft 21.9 Lac
    2BHK 995 Sq.Ft - 1030 Sq.Ft 33.3 Lac - 34.5 Lac
    2BHK+2T 995 Sq.Ft 33.3 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1030 Sq.Ft 34.5 Lac
    3BHK 1373 Sq.Ft - 2066 Sq.Ft 46 Lac - 69.2 Lac
    3BHK+2T 1373 Sq.Ft 46 Lac
    3BHK+2T 1403 Sq.Ft 47 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1425 Sq.Ft 47.7 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1850 Sq.Ft 62 Lac
    3BHK+3T 2066 Sq.Ft 69.2 Lac
    4BHK 3990 Sq.Ft - 3990 Sq.Ft 1.3 Cr - 1.3 Cr
    4BHK+5T 3990 Sq.Ft 1.3 Cr
  • Project By : Amaatra Group

    Amaatra Homes
    TYPE Size Price
    2BHK 965 Sq.Ft - 1179 Sq.Ft 29 Lac - 35.4 Lac
    2BHK+2T 965 Sq.Ft 29 Lac
    2BHK+2T 995 Sq.Ft 29.9 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1048 Sq.Ft 31.5 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1179 Sq.Ft 35.4 Lac
    3BHK 1405 Sq.Ft - 1722 Sq.Ft 42.2 Lac - 51.7 Lac
    3BHK+2T 1405 Sq.Ft 42.2 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1591 Sq.Ft 47.8 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1722 Sq.Ft 51.7 Lac
  • Project By : Supertech

    Supertech Supernova
    TYPE Size Price
    3BHK 2040 SqFt - 2040 SqFt 2.5 Cr - 2.5 Cr
    3BHK+3T 2040 SqFt 2.5 Cr
    4BHK 3900 SqFt - 4200 SqFt 4.7 Cr - 5.1 Cr
    4BHK+4T 3900 SqFt 4.7 Cr
    4BHK 4200 SqFt 5.1 Cr
    Studio Apartments 595 Sq.Ft - 595 Sq.Ft 72.3 Lac - 72.3 Lac
    Studio Apartments 595 Sq.Ft 72.3 Lac
  • Project By : Mahagun Builders

    Mahagun Mywoods
    TYPE Size Price
    2BHK 935 Sq.Ft - 1110 Sq.Ft 32.5 Lac - 38.6 Lac
    2BHK+2T 935 Sq.Ft 32.5 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1110 Sq.Ft 38.6 Lac
    3BHK 1235 Sq.Ft - 1545 Sq.Ft 42.9 Lac - 53.7 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1235 Sq.Ft 42.9 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1370 Sq.Ft 47.6 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1545 Sq.Ft 53.7 Lac
    4BHK 1810 Sq.Ft - 2190 Sq.Ft 62.9 Lac - 76.1 Lac
    4BHK+3T 1810 Sq.Ft 62.9 Lac
    4BHK+4T 2190 Sq.Ft 76.1 Lac
  • Project By : Mahagun Builders

    Mahagun Mantra II
    TYPE Size Price
    2BHK 850 Sq.Ft - 1125 Sq.Ft 24.9 Lac - 32.9 Lac
    2BHK+2T 850 Sq.Ft 24.9 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1125 Sq.Ft 32.9 Lac
  • Project By : Supertech

    Supertech Golf Suites
    TYPE Size Price
    1BHK 590 Sq.Ft - 590 Sq.Ft 20.4 Lac - 20.4 Lac
    1BHK+1T 590 Sq.Ft 20.4 Lac
  • Project By : Supertech

    Supertech Grand Circuit
    TYPE Size Price
    1BHK 625 Sq.Ft - 625 Sq.Ft 20.8 Lac - 20.8 Lac
    1BHK+1T 625 Sq.Ft 20.8 Lac
    2BHK 900 Sq.Ft - 1155 Sq.Ft 30 Lac - 38.5 Lac
    2BHK+2T 900 Sq.Ft 30 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1155 Sq.Ft 38.5 Lac
    3BHK 1295 Sq.Ft - 1295 Sq.Ft 43.1 Lac - 43.1 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1295 Sq.Ft 43.1 Lac
  • Project By : Supertech

    Supertech Golf Village
    TYPE Size Price
    1BHK 500 Sq.Ft - 690 Sq.Ft 14.8 Lac - 20.4 Lac
    1BHK+1T 500 Sq.Ft 14.8 Lac
    1BHK+1T 690 Sq.Ft 20.4 Lac
    2BHK 1000 Sq.Ft - 810 Sq.Ft 29.5 Lac - 23.9 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1000 Sq.Ft 29.5 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1255 Sq.Ft 37 Lac
    2BHK+2T 810 Sq.Ft 23.9 Lac
    3BHK 1440 Sq.Ft - 1440 Sq.Ft 42.5 Lac - 42.5 Lac
    3BHK+2T 1440 Sq.Ft 42.5 Lac

Noida is a metropolitan city that is well known for its property market. This city is growing with one of the most fascinating real estate market and be it commercial, residential or retail sectors one can give best speculations for long term benefits. Noida has it all what you need in a millennium city. Developed under Uttar Pradesh Industrial Development Act 1976, the city was mainly set for the growth of industries in the area. The real estate market is one of the best feature this city has.

With the growing time the city has become one of the most sought out destination for investor, buyers and developers. Noida has its wide extended wings to Greater Noida, Noida Expressway and Yamuna Extension. These regions are emerging as a new star in the real estate market. Purchasing or investing in Noida Real Estate, property is an incredible venture, as a wide real estate market of Noida can offer a lot to you. In today’s scenario cities like Delhi and Gurgaon has become overcrowded and due to the sky high prices of properties, buyers now find Noida as favorite destination to dwell.

The city has witnessed a massive growth in the demand for property in the past couple of years and it offers an exclusive property for both commercial and residential meet. As the city attracts a large number of worldwide buyers, one of the main reason of it is the availability of land and much reasonable property prices as compared to the other cities. With the growing property market as developers have proposed many outstanding property schemes in Noida and the property seekers can find some of the best real estate projects to invest in Noida. Buying a property in Noida can be a great deal for you as it can be very profitable and can give you great returns.

Noida, property market has shown a drastic change in the past few years and has led to the path of development. As compared to the other cities, the recently designed properties in Noida not only offers a budget friendly price, but are designed beautifully and offers all types of advanced facilities for buyers. Being an industrial city the real estate of Noida has shown a remarkable influx of growth as many MNC, BPO and IT/ITEs companies have their headquarter in Noida and Greater Noida region. Nowadays property market in Noida is in full swing and many Indians and NRI are keen to make an investment with the pioneering opportunity. Noida has a fantastic commercial market and with the rapid development of companies, investing in commercial sector is one the most profitable deal for buyers.

The properties in Noida are multiplying rapidly. Experts believe that with superb connectivity, advanced infrastructure and promising real estate market, Noida has a great future in the real estate market of the country. The recent trend of realty market of Noida shows stability and is a good time to purchase property as you can avail opportunity for long term profit and growth. As the new government has allocated more funds for affordable schemes, implemented Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and easing FDI norms. There has been an increased buoyancy in the market and has made Noida one of the most opulent place for property investment.

Investment in the property bring mental peace and satisfaction of owning a tangible asset. Price of property never faces a downfall rather that it always receives a significant appreciation. Well, if you are planning to invest in a property option you are at the right plat form. We present you the list of all best real estate projects in Noida. This list is prepared on the basis of reliable data collected from our website after analyzing the current demand pattern of different buyers. Apart from this our investment experts keep an eye on all the projects functioning from the Noida and all over NCR. These trained experts always look forward to cater the buyers with the best possible facilities.

Noida Extension, Noida Expressway and Greater Noida has also emerged as the best area to buy property in Noida. As these cities are newly incepted, it has abundancy of land, owing to which countless developer rushed to the city in order to shape the city with prominent reality land marks. Renowned building developers such as Supertech, Jaypee, and JMD developer have left no stone unturned in order to provide the projects with world class amenities, which comes true to all the expectation of the consumers. Though, these best sites for searching property in Noida is still in the phase of development, but it is competing with many other Developed cities. Low and affordable rates answers the question of increasing demand, but due to the infrastructural development that the city has faced leading to increasing in the latest property rate in Noida. Despite of that increasing property rate in Noida, the property demand kept on increasing. People from the close by area are coming in the city with the purpose of booking their future homes.

The cost of property in Noida is also increasing due to continuous hike in the price of construction material. But the property demand is indifferent to sky kissing price, the low of demand which says the demand fall with the increase in the price of the property but in the unique case of Noida the demand of the property also decreases with the increase in the property.

There are many property option which are open for sale of property in Noida, which signifies the epitome of Industrial Township planning and houses many IT giants which offers a cloud of employment. Nearby housing societies comes true to all the expectation of the working class people who want to have their residents near to their work place. Being the fact that residential apartments and commercial apartments are located in the parted area, it allows the resident to choose nearby work place and they don’t have to go out of the city for shopping purpose because many big markets like Atta market are already located in the city. After going through all the fact one observation can be made which supports the statement that future of property in Noida is shine and bright.

If you are interested to buy a real estate project, this is high time to book. Keeping your needs and requirement we have made the task of house searching property in Noida rather easy and relaxed for you. You can choose the project enlisted with this listing. You can even reach us on our toll free number if you need any further information, we would be more than happy to help you.

Noida was originally developed as an extension to Okhla Industrial Area. To meet the rising demand in this zone, new areas were developed and as corporates came in, the residential spaces were created too. This is why this city is planned in nature and has been one of the most coveted places for property investment. The best places to buy property in Noida are plenty as this city has a lot to offer. The number of builders that have been building their spaces here is a lot. The sector wise division that exists is this place helps in making the city popular with buyers.

To look for major property developers in Noida, you should browse our website where all the information has been given in detail. We believe in providing all the information in great detail and maintain transparency in dealings. This is why we can be quoted as one of the best property search sites in Noida.

The current property rates in Noida are quite low. So buying property in Noida at this time is the most lucrative. Our consultant would tell you about the good time to buy property in Noida. Investment in property is a great way to put your money in the right places as the returns too are quite high. This is why the investment in such zones proves to be a profitable activity in the long run.

The future of property in Noida is bright as can be estimated by the expanding real estate scenario. Areas like Noida Extension and Greater Noida are proof of the increasing demand in this zone. The circle rate of property in Noida is such that property is cheap and will not burn a hole in your pocket. This is why the investment has been high in this zone. The planned nature and organized system of this city is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the city.

We have listed out the prime properties that would suit your style, so that you can choose and select the one for you. Listings are a great way to select the property of your choice. This is why our team of experts have created these for your convenience. These demarcated categorizations have all the property listings available and so choosing the best is no more a hassle. Simply call our toll free experts and buy the property of your choice.

Noida is a very dynamic city it has all world-class facilities that many cities in India may or may not. It was developed to cater to the growing need in the realty sector, mainly for the Okhla Industrial Area. The city is thus called the New Okhla Industrial Development Area or Noida. These factors make it a unique city as the facilities provided here, have no match. The city was originally meant to serve as an industrial base for Delhi but soon jobs brought-in people who demanded residence. This is how many builders came to the city and developed it for the benefit of the people. The Master Plan too was formulated at this point to tap the growth that may become cumbersome after a few years.

This is how the city became a planned one and has sector-wise divisions that make it a city with great convenience and facilities. The city has the highest form of entertainment in the form of multiplexes and malls on the other hand is Akshardham Temple, which is not a simple regular temple with deities, it is an entertainment zone where one can get familiar with the Indian culture in a fun, interactive way. It is a one of a kind and the first in Delhi. Then there is the F1 Racing Track along with the Sports City both which are international concepts and developed first in Noida. The city has some of the best amenities in India, which basically comes from the vastness of the city and the Yamuna Expressway.

The city thus has a bright future, especially if we talk about real estate. It is one field that has seen major growth in areas like Noida Extension and Greater Noida. The upcoming real estate projects in Noida are being developed keeping the residents in mind and offer many facilities. Many of them are based on certain themes like golf courses, green environment, sports or simply a luxurious setting. The future of real estate in Noida is quite bright after the announcement of the Smart City structure. The facilities and kind of growth that will be seen here will have no match. In the process of it being a smart city, it will see a major change in its structure. The main growth will take place in the regions like the Yamuna Expressway, Faridabad Noida Ghaziabad Expressway and Noida Extension.

The decision to expand the metro route from sector 32 and between Kalindi Kunj to Noida will make real estate boom in these zones which lie untouched, unexplored. Another decision to provide Ganga water is underway. Making way for green belts and zones will keep the city green and breathing as always. Other expansions include the segregation for educational zones which will be developed, many other big names of the corporate world will be tying up with the government and shifting their offices to various areas in Noida. The international airport too will be constructed in the proximity which will make it a complete city. So this will be a holistic growth and the expansion will profit all. Names like Jaypee and Tata have educational as well as real estate projects in Noida.

The biggest upcoming attraction is the affordable scheme which has been brought out for the people belonging to the mid-income group. The city will have a phenomenal development which will in turn affect the realty sector and bring reform. Let us look forward to a smart Noida in the coming years.