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Property in Mumbai for Sale

137 Projects

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  • Project By : Lodha Group

    Lodha Codename The Centre
    TYPE Size Price
    1BHK 774 Sq.Ft - 855 SqFt 38.7 Lac - 42.8 Lac
    1BHK+1T 774 Sq.Ft 38.7 Lac
    1BHK+1T 819 SqFt 41 Lac
    1BHK+1T 855 SqFt 42.8 Lac
    2BHK 990 SqFt - 1161 SqFt 49.5 Lac - 55.1 Lac
    2BHK+2T 990 SqFt 49.5 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1044 SqFt 52.2 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1071 SqFt 53.6 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1089 SqFt 51.7 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1125 SqFt 53.4 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1134 SqFt 53.8 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1161 SqFt 55.1 Lac
    3BHK 1332 Sq.Ft - 1494 SqFt 63.2 Lac - 83.5 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1332 Sq.Ft 63.2 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1395 SqFt 66.2 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1431 SqFt 80 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1494 SqFt 83.5 Lac
  • Project By : Lodha Group

    Lodha Downtown
    TYPE Size Price
    1BHK 783 Sq.Ft - 855 SqFt 37.4 Lac - 40.9 Lac
    1BHK+1T 783 Sq.Ft 37.4 Lac
    1BHK+1T 819 SqFt 39.1 Lac
    1BHK+1T 855 SqFt 40.9 Lac
    1BHK+1T 783 Sq.Ft 37.4 Lac
    1BHK+1T 819 SqFt 39.1 Lac
    1BHK+1T 855 SqFt 40.9 Lac
    2BHK 927 SqFt - 1161 SqFt 45.3 Lac - 56.7 Lac
    2BHK+2T 927 SqFt 45.3 Lac
    2BHK+2T 954 SqFt 46.6 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1089 SqFt 53.2 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1125 SqFt 55 Lac
    2BHK+2T 990 SqFt 48.4 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1161 SqFt 56.7 Lac
    3BHK 1332 - 1494 SqFt 65.1 Lac - 73 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1332 65.1 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1395 Sq.Ft 68.2 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1431 SqFt 69.9 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1494 SqFt 73 Lac
  • Project By : Akshar Group

    Akshar Green World
    TYPE Size Price
    1BHK 1010 Sq.Ft - 1025 Sq.Ft 93.9 Lac - 95.3 Lac
    1BHK+1T 1010 Sq.Ft 93.9 Lac
    1BHK+1T 1025 Sq.Ft 95.3 Lac
    2BHK 1245 Sq.Ft - 1510 Sq.Ft 1.2 Cr - 1.4 Cr
    2BHK+2T 1245 Sq.Ft 1.2 Cr
    2BHK+2T 1510 Sq.Ft 1.4 Cr
    3BHK 1675 Sq.Ft - 1680 Sq.Ft 1.6 Cr - 1.6 Cr
    3BHK+3T 1675 Sq.Ft 1.6 Cr
    3BHK+3T 1680 Sq.Ft 1.6 Cr
  • Project By : Puraniks Builders

    Puranik Rumah Bali
    TYPE Size Price
    1BHK 672 Sq.Ft - 694 Sq.Ft 51.7 Lac - 53.4 Lac
    1BHK+1T 672 Sq.Ft 51.7 Lac
    1BHK+1T 689 Sq.Ft 53.1 Lac
    1BHK+1T 694 Sq.Ft 53.4 Lac
    2BHK 900 Sq.Ft - 994 Sq.Ft 69.3 Lac - 76.5 Lac
    2BHK+2T 900 Sq.Ft 69.3 Lac
    2BHK+2T 966 Sq.Ft 74.4 Lac
    2BHK+2T 969 Sq.Ft 74.6 Lac
    2BHK+2T 994 Sq.Ft 76.5 Lac
    3BHK 1250 Sq.Ft - 1400 Sq.Ft 96.3 Lac - 1.1 Cr
    3BHK+3T 1250 Sq.Ft 96.3 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1400 Sq.Ft 1.1 Cr
  • Project By : Puraniks Builders

    Puranik Aarambh
    TYPE Size Price
    1BHK 648 Sq.Ft - 648 Sq.Ft 44.7 Lac - 44.7 Lac
    1BHK+2T 648 Sq.Ft 44.7 Lac
    2BHK 849 Sq.Ft - 849 Sq.Ft 58.6 Lac - 58.6 Lac
    2BHK+2T 849 Sq.Ft 58.6 Lac
  • Project By : Dosti Group

    Dosti Centerio P180
    TYPE Size Price
    1BHK 647 Sq.Ft - 799 Sq.Ft 35.6 Lac - 43.9 Lac
    1BHK+1T 647 Sq.Ft 35.6 Lac
    1BHK+1T 799 Sq.Ft 43.9 Lac
    2BHK 978 Sq.Ft - 1089 SqFt 53.8 Lac - 59.9 Lac
    2BHK+2T 978 Sq.Ft 53.8 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1089 SqFt 59.9 Lac
  • Project By : Lakhani Builders

    Lakhani La Riveria
    TYPE Size Price
    1BHK 695 Sq.Ft - 755 Sq.Ft 49.3 Lac - 53.6 Lac
    1BHK+1T 695 Sq.Ft 49.3 Lac
    1BHK+1T 755 Sq.Ft 53.6 Lac
    2BHK 1130 Sq.Ft - 1222 Sq.Ft 80.2 Lac - 86.8 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1130 Sq.Ft 80.2 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1160 Sq.Ft 82.4 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1220 Sq.Ft 86.6 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1222 Sq.Ft 86.8 Lac
  • Project By : RTPL (Rare Townships Pvt. Ltd.)

    RTPL Rising City
    TYPE Size Price
    1BHK 686 Sq.Ft - 702 Sq.Ft 78.8 Lac - 80.7 Lac
    1BHK+1T 686 Sq.Ft 78.8 Lac
    1BHK+1T 702 Sq.Ft 80.7 Lac
    2BHK 958 Sq.Ft - 1363 Sq.Ft 1.1 Cr - 1.6 Cr
    2BHK+2T 958 Sq.Ft 1.1 Cr
    2BHK+2T 967 Sq.Ft 1.1 Cr
    2BHK+2T 1199 Sq.Ft 1.4 Cr
    2BHK+2T 1285 Sq.Ft 1.5 Cr
    2BHK+2T 1363 Sq.Ft 1.6 Cr
    3BHK 1463 Sq.Ft - 1803 Sq.Ft 1.7 Cr - 2.1 Cr
    3BHK+3T 1463 Sq.Ft 1.7 Cr
    3BHK+3T 1559 Sq.Ft 1.8 Cr
    3BHK+3T 1636 Sq.Ft 1.9 Cr
    3BHK+3T 1684 Sq.Ft 1.9 Cr
    3BHK+3T 1726 Sq.Ft 2 Cr
    3BHK+3T 1741 Sq.Ft 2 Cr
    3BHK+3T 1803 Sq.Ft 2.1 Cr
  • Project By : Runwal Group

    Runwal Group Runwal Eirene
    TYPE Size Price
    1BHK 620 Sq.Ft - 620 Sq.Ft 48.3 Lac - 48.3 Lac
    1BHK+1T 620 Sq.Ft 48.3 Lac
    2BHK 795 Sq.Ft - 1075 Sq.Ft 62 Lac - 83.8 Lac
    2BHK+2T 795 Sq.Ft 62 Lac
    2BHK+2T 830 Sq.Ft 64.7 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1075 Sq.Ft 83.8 Lac
    3BHK 1315 Sq.Ft - 1535 Sq.Ft 1 Cr - 1.2 Cr
    3BHK+2T 1315 Sq.Ft 1 Cr
    3BHK+2T 1335 Sq.Ft 1 Cr
    3BHK+3T 1510 Sq.Ft 1.2 Cr
    3BHK+3T 1535 Sq.Ft 1.2 Cr
  • Project By : Runwal Group

    Runwal Group My City
    TYPE Size Price
    1BHK 645 Sq.Ft - 770 Sq.Ft 29.7 Lac - 35.4 Lac
    1BHK+2T 645 Sq.Ft 29.7 Lac
    1BHK+1T 770 Sq.Ft 35.4 Lac
    2BHK 840 Sq.Ft - 860 Sq.Ft 38.7 Lac - 39.6 Lac
    2BHK+2T 840 Sq.Ft 38.7 Lac
    2BHK+2T 860 Sq.Ft 39.6 Lac
    3BHK 1105 Sq.Ft - 1105 Sq.Ft 50.9 Lac - 50.9 Lac
    3BHK+2T 1105 Sq.Ft 50.9 Lac

Property in Mumbai

Mumbai, the business capital of India, is known for its coastal location, busy streets, ample of tourist attractions ranging from beaches to temples and lot more. The city has its own individual identity leaving a mark of exceptions at an international level and contributing its best in the overall growth and development of the country. Being one of the major metropolitan cities of India, the price range of land and other forms of property in the city has shot up stupendously over the past years. Currently, the rate of property in Mumbai is on a par with major foreign cities such as New York. Of course, there are many reasons adding on to the prices of property in Mumbai. So, lets explore them one by one.

The major reason for the continuous increase in the property price in Mumbai as compare to the other cities of the country is the overall input of the city in Indian economy. According to the latest studies, Mumbai city contributes more than 70% of national capital, about 40% of Income tax revenue and total of total industrial outcome.
The city is blessed with good infrastructure and transportation well connecting it to the other cities across the country as well as the world. Even all the major areas of the city are well linked with each other allowing an easily access through public transport.
Mubai houses some of the renowned financial institutions such as the Reserve Bank of India, the NSE (National Stock Exchange of India) and the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). Further, it also has the corporate office of various famous brands, Business houses and MNCs.

Residential & Commercial Properties in Mumbai

An increase in the demand for properties in Mumbai has result in a huge construction and development in Navi Mumbai by many reputed builders and developers in order to meet the growing expectations and demands of the potential buyers. The area is certainly growing fast because of various factors driving large number of people to it. Of course, the first and foremost reason for the price appreciation of the property in the city is the infrastructure. Another factor is a good rail and road connectivity. Some proposed projects related to infrastructure prevailing in the city include the Navi Mumbai International Airport, city metro and the Mumbai trans Harbour Link. Further, the existence of IT sectors, SEZs (Special Economic Zone) and other employment generating companies is another reason resulting in an increase in demand for residential and commercial projects in Mumbai especially Navi Mumbai.

So far, the glory of real estate of Mumbai has been witnessing a shine with a wide range of residential projects in Mumbai ranging from flats, lavish bungalows to luxury apartments. No doubt in the fact that city has provided shelter to both the poor as well as the rich. The increasing prices of the property in Mumbai city has given an opportunity to surban areas located in the surrounding of the city to flourish. Two of such areas are Navi Mumbai and Palava city. The price range of property in Mumbai Palava city and Navi Mumbai is comparatively cheaper as most of the upcoming projects in Mumbai offered by reputed builders and developers are taking place in these areas. But, in the coming future, the price appreciation will surely going to soar just as the demand for property in the city is on the rise with the time. Now, if you are interested in investing in Navi Mumbai real estate, then there are a few below given things that you must know before you making any sort of investment property in Navi Mumbai.

Housing Project in Mumbai

Look at the future benefits
Of course, investing in Mumbai projects of leading property builders and developers required a handsome amount. But then, you can get that amount along with much higher revenue rate in the future after the appreciation of prices of the property you have bought for yourself.

Think like investor
While searching for property in Mumbai for investment purposes, you will be coming across many Navi Mumbai projects and similarly many others offered by renowned Mumbai Realtors. Make sure to think like an investor and stick to your needs, preferences and the budget and look for the suitable property plan according.

Set your budget
Before anything you do, it is first research well about properties in Mumbai, various affordable property option available in the city along with the price range and then set a budget for yourself. Generally, your budget depends on the type of area you wish to purchase the property in. Note that, property located close to the beach or is sea facing tends to be highly priced as compared the other areas.

Analyze the real estate market
Mumbai real estate market either favors sellers or buyers. This means that at times buying property is favorable or visa versa. So, it is suggested to first do a market research and analyze the real estate market in Mumbai to be sure weather the time is suitable for buying property or waiting for some time is better in order to get the favorable deal.

Calculate your return on investment
Buying property the price of which does not appreciate as what you have invested or expected is of no use. When purchasing any residential or commercial property especially in city like Mumbai, make sure to opt for the location that will pay you back much more you have invested to enjoy the financial benefits you expect while investing in properties in Mumbai.

Look for locational advantages
Whether you are buying property for your self use or rental purposes, it is very important to first look for locational benefits. Even if you need to somewhere compromise on the size of the property of the fixed budget, but it will be great to make an investment in commercial or residential property located in the prime areas of Mumbai city. This way, you can get more return on investment in long run.

Having a property of own in Mumbai is what many people dreamed off. This is because of the constant rise in the rates of real estate in Mumbai due to rapid development of modern residential and commercial structures. Today, the city is counted among the high property rate regions in India and of course, owning a property in such a place will add on to one's wealth.

Mumbai Real Estate Projects

Mumbai real estate is a leading one as compared to the real estate of other cities of India. With beautiful locations residing near the sea and a hub of entertainment industry, the city has its own charm that attract people from around the country as well as the world to buy property in Mumbai. Andheri, Worli and Lower Parel are considered as some of the best locations to reside. Real estate of the city is becoming out of the reach of the common man these days because of tremendous rise in the rate of both commercial and residential property in Mumbai. Owing even a small piece of property in the city is not as easy as it appears until you are a millionaire. Yet, if you hope to have your own property in Mumbai with a restricted budget, then no need to be dis hearted. Many affordable residential projects in Navi Mumbai is the one and only solution for your worries related to budget friendly property in a well developed city like Mumbai.