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Property in Gurgaon for Sale

363 Projects

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  • Project By : JMS Buildtech

    JMS Crosswalk / Fashion Bazar
    TYPE Size Price
    Office Space 119 Sq.Ft - 412 Sq.Ft 8.3 Lac - 28.8 Lac
    Office Space 119 Sq.Ft 8.3 Lac
    Office Space 125 Sq.Ft 8.8 Lac
    Office Space 350 Sq.Ft 24.5 Lac
    Office Space 381 Sq.Ft 26.7 Lac
    Office Space 412 Sq.Ft 28.8 Lac
    Retails Shops 200 - 800 Sq.Ft - 200 to 300 Sq.Ft Price On Request
    Retails Shops 200 - 800 Sq.Ft Price On Request
    Retails Shops 200 to 300 Sq.Ft Price On Request
  • Project By : Spaze Builder

    Spaze Tristaar
    TYPE Size Price
    Office Space Size On Request Price On Request
    Office Space Size On Request Price On Request
    Retails Shops 300 Sq.Ft - 2000 SqFt Price On Request
    Retails Shops 300 Sq.Ft Price On Request
    Retails Shops 2000 SqFt Price On Request
  • Project By : SV Housing Private Limited

    83 Metro Street
    TYPE Size Price
    Office Space 250 Sq.Ft - 250 Sq.Ft 18.8 Lac - 18.8 Lac
    Office Space 250 Sq.Ft 18.8 Lac
    Retails Shops 250 Sq.Ft - 250 Sq.Ft 22.3 Lac - 22.3 Lac
    Retails Shops 250 Sq.Ft 22.3 Lac
  • Project By : JMS Buildtech

    JMS Marine Square
    TYPE Size Price
    Size On Request Price On Request
    Size On Request Price On Request
  • Project By : Elan Group

    Elan Town Centre
    TYPE Size Price
    Retails Shops 220 Sq.Ft - 530 Sq.Ft 20.9 Lac - 55.7 Lac
    Retails Shops 220 Sq.Ft 20.9 Lac
    Retails Shops 245 Sq.Ft 23.3 Lac
    Retails Shops 270 Sq.Ft 28.4 Lac
    Retails Shops 285 Sq.Ft 29.9 Lac
    Retails Shops 305 Sq.Ft 32 Lac
    Retails Shops 310 Sq.Ft 32.6 Lac
    Retails Shops 530 Sq.Ft 55.7 Lac
  • Project By : Ramada Group

    ROF Ananda
    TYPE Size Price
    Size On Request Price On Request
    Size On Request Price On Request
  • Project By : AMB Group

    AMB Selfie Street
    TYPE Size Price
    Office Space 192 to 500 Sq.Ft - 192 to 500 Sq.Ft Price On Request
    Office Space 192 to 500 Sq.Ft Price On Request
    Retails Shops 192 to 302 Sq.Ft - 192 to 302 Sq.Ft Price On Request
    Retails Shops 192 to 302 Sq.Ft Price On Request
  • Project By : Pivotal Infrastructure

    Pivotal Paradise 62 Moons
    TYPE Size Price
    Size On Request Price On Request
    Size On Request Price On Request
  • Project By : VSR Infra Tech Builders

    VSR Park Street
    TYPE Size Price
    Office Space 100-2500 Sq.Ft - 100-2500 Sq.Ft Price On Request
    Office Space 100-2500 Sq.Ft Price On Request
    Retails Shops 192 to 500 Sq.Ft - 192 to 500 Sq.Ft Price On Request
    Retails Shops 192 to 500 Sq.Ft Price On Request
  • Project By : Elan Group

    TYPE Size Price
    Size On Request Price On Request
    Size On Request Price On Request

Property In Gurgaon

State of Real estate in Gurgaon is shining and brightening ever since the Gurgaon came into existence. In the last few years, the attention of renowned real estate developers shifted towards the Gurgaon. Well if you are searching for best place to buy property in Gurgaon, you are at the right platform. We present you the list of all lucrative and convincing real estate offers for our prospective clients. This list is our initiative to bring you the best projects in the whole region of Gurgaon. Our investment expert team always look forward to provide only the best project available in the real estate market. Every project which is listed with us possesses a great degree of uniqueness and located at all best property search sites in Gurgaon.

We value your precious time and money that is why we provide projects on the basis of the market demand without treating any project or developer any preferentially. Project under our listing are comply with market demand as these are constructed in accordance with market needs and demand. We have all major real estate developers in Gurgaon listed with us as channel partners. Whether you are enthusiast of living in a modern home or you want to lead a stylish life, all you need to do is that short list any of the project from our website and book it. The authenticity of these projects is counter verified by our experts and then we include any project under our listings. Future of property in Gurgaon is great and good enough to make you proud in the coming future. We have taken utmost care to make our prospective clients at the safer side, which is why we exclude any sort of projects by builder of negative market reputation. We anticipate our client’s need using many surveys and polls that is why we conduct team of expert professionals frequently meet up with our channel partner building developers to update them with the Latest market requirements. Gurgaon came into being only few decades back but manage to hold its rapport as best place to buy property in Gurgaon.

The demand of residential project in the rewarding location of Gurgaon is significantly high and keeping up with the face. Circle rates of property in Gurgaon is being hike every year since 2009, but this year state government decided not to increase the circle rate or minimum amount for registration rate, in order to maintain a property equilibrium between demand and supply of property.

Current property rate in Gurgaon seems to be stable for now but this stability will not sustain for a longer time. If you are bit into properties, you don’t want to miss a chance to book your dream place now. Booking now is not only cheaper but also it will definitely avail you with the definite return in the coming future. You may reach directly to our investment experts on our toll free number, in case you need any assistance on real estate subject. Any time now is good time to buy property in Gurgaon.

Residential Property In Gurgaon

Gurgaon is one city that has all sorts of facilities and has been home to many over a lot of years. This is why the city has become extremely popular with the real estate buyers. Buying residential property in Gurgaon is a very relaxing as the properties have all the amenities that one can wish for. So cracking you head over the type of property you seek is not an issue. The property scenario here is pretty comfortable and easy to search for.

All the new property launches in Gurgaon have been listed out for you and this is the reason that makes it imperative to look for only the best. The listings are one way to make an informed choice and that is because the properties have been listed out in proper categories and this is why the selection process becomes extremely simple. Listings are easy ways to select and search. All types of properties like pre launch residential property in Gurgaon too have been presented and this is why the listing is a cumulative summation of all the best of information that is available. The list has all the best of properties.

Listings for new residential property in Gurgaon have been presented and this is the reason that you can easily spot the one that would suit your needs and wants. The residential property prices in Gurgaon have been at the very best all this while making it the hottest location in Delhi NCR to invest in property. The city has all that one needs like good infrastructure and a fully functional city setup that matches international standards. This is the reason that people flock to this region more than any other. With the ample amount of job opportunities that are available here, one can really settle down easily. To buy residential property in Gurgaon, you do not have to make huge efforts as we provide all the relevant information and needs that you could possibly come across. This is the reason that we have come up with the listings. These include all sorts of properties, ones that you may be interested in like residential property for sale in Gurgaon.

If you feel that you need to know anything about buying property in Gurgaon, we are just a call away. This is a simple process wherein you leave a query on our website and our Sales Experts will get in touch with you. They will make your work and property selection a cake walk. Ranging from site visits to detailed information, we will provide it all. You will be satisfied with the services that we provide and if you feel anything is missing, you need only ask.

The millennium city of India, popularly known as Gurgaon serves approximately 8-10 lakh people as their job hub. The way the city has received a good amount of international attention depicts India’s growth as a global economy. The setting up of numerous multinational companies has upgraded the lifestyle needs of the residents in Gurgaon. The real estate sector has grown rapidly because of high purchasing power of the people working here. Many are looking forward to buy residential property in Gurgaon.

Looking at the current scenario, the whole world is facing an economic slowdown. It is quite similar to the Great Depression that had happened about a century ago in 1930s. Ironically, the prices of new realty market have not fallen down. The best locations to buy residential property in Gurgaon or nearby areas are New Gurgaon, Greater Gurgaon (Sohna-Gurgaon) and Dwarka Expressway. These have seen the prices rising but not substantially in 2015. The Golf-course extension area also has lucrative options but the prices soar with smallest response from the customer. In fact, an investor prefers to invest his or her money in this city.

An average residential property in Gurgaon costs roughly 70-80 lakhs INR ($ 120,000 USD). However, in some upcoming growth intensive areas, the property is even sold under the HUDA (Haryana Urban Development Authority) norms. These properties are created by private developers but under the government norms. These are only limited units and can be purchased by only one person in a household. The best part is that they are priced almost half of the actual price. However, the residents get deprived of some good amenities.

The Government has also made certain regulations regarding the stamp duty on residential property in Gurgaon. An individual pays 5% of the total cost of property if she is a female. For a male, it is 7%. Joint ownership has 6% fees on the stamp duty.

Some of the most exclusive upcoming real estate projects in Gurgaon is grabbing the eyeballs of investors. The Homestead group has announced the world’s first Michael Schumacher World Tower. On other hand, Raheja group has brought in super luxury residences in the form of Raheja Revanta. Both of them have got great responses from the NRIs and high ticket size Indian buyers.

Some of the great value for money investment for a middle class person would be new launch residential property in Gurgaon like Godrej Icon, Tata Gateway, Aashiana’s The Center Court. If someone wishes to go down the range, then new launches such as ILD Grand, Vatika Express City, Orris Aster Court and Carnation are one of the best projects according to the real estate Gurus.

And one of the most exciting part would be, selling your investment or the resale market. The market even offers you a wide array of options under the resale market. However, sale of residential property in Gurgaon is easy but buying a resale property would be a big hassle. In this case, buy the same from a trustable source or opting for a new one would be beneficial.

Therefore, Gurgaon has bountiful options for every investor. It just needs the right kind of vision to invest in the right kind of project. And the rest will be done and managed by the Gurgaon real-estate market. Keep investing the right away by understanding the terms and conditions. Gurgaon is a millennium city and is one of the most developed city in NCR region. With superb connectivity, advanced infrastructure, huge settlement of BPO and IT companies. Gurgaon with one of the most developed real estate market of the country. The city attracts a huge mass of people from all parts of the country and worldwide. In the past couple of years, the Gurgaon city has been raised as a favorite destination for both housing and business property in India. With the growing demands of property in the city the new suburb areas like New Gurgaon, Manesar, Sohna and Bhiwadi are emerging as a hot spot destination for Buyers and builders. These areas are booming up with numerous upcoming real estate projects and are developing rapidly.The city has made its strong foothold in the field of real estate and has emerged as one of the most happening and opulent place to dwell and invest.

Be it luxury or affordable housing, residential property in Gurgaon opens wide options for buyers. Several changes in the trend of the realty market have contributed to the growth of the real estate of Gurgaon from time to time. As the demand for properties is on hike the prices of the properties are reaching sky high. For all those buyers who want to buy residential property in Gurgaon, we have launched a separate list of best residential properties in Gurgaon. To give you the best search results we have presented this list systematically so that you get the detailed information about the properties and choose the preferred property without getting lost or confused. The recent residential property rates in Gurgaon have fallen down and to cater the growing demand of property developers have launched many affordable housing projects in the city.

As a responsible real estate consultancy firm, we want to offer best to our customers, so our professionals have done deep research and analysis on the market and has given some of the most relevant and reliable information. In these lists of residential property in Gurgaon you can get information regarding the soft launch residential property in Gurgaon and residential property for sale in Gurgaon. As the recent price trend of properties in Gurgaon has come up as a relief for buyers, it is a hike time for them to buy property in Gurgaon. The recent investment in property in Gurgaon can be very profitable in the long run and can give you great returns in near future. As in today's time buyers are getting more responsible and aware about their investment they look for many different aspects before buying any property. We value our customers’ money, so we have discussed about all the important aspects that are crucial for buyers to know. Moreover, our team of consultants is always ready to talk with our buyers and clear all doubts and queries.

Commercial Property In Gurgaon

If you are searching for commercial property in Gurgaon, then you have reached the right place. We specialize in providing assistance in any and all property buying processes. This is the reason that we are some of the many property portals that provide the best of information in every field. Our Sales Experts have been in business for a very long time now and this is the reason that they truly understand the need and want of a systematic way of searching property. The property selection process has been enhanced for the same reason. If you are looking for property, then going through all the listings all the time is difficult. There are many properties and all presented in a haphazard and uneven manner make it almost impossible to sort through. This is why our expert team came up with the need for categorization.

This is a way to categorize various given properties like pre leased commercial property in Gurgaon. This way people or buyers can easily browse through and decide for the best that suits you. Property selection comes as a way to make the best out of the available options. Listings can make your life smooth and easy by reducing the time taken in choosing and finalizing the property of your choice. Commercial property for sale in Gurgaon is available in large numbers and so making a choice is time taking as ever. But with these listings, making life effortless, choosing the property of your choice and the wanted commercial property in Gurgaon has been made easy now.

If you want to know how to buy commercial property in Gurgaon, then contacting our experts will help you to a lot of extent. The city of Gurgaon is one that has been explored less and is known to be a millennium city. This has all modern facilities and international amenities that one can wish for. This has led to the popularity of the city. The commercial scenario of this region makes it quite imperative to be popular in this zone. The rising number of people in this city has led to the increase in the commercial profile of the region too. With increasing market places and the need for suitable commercial spaces, has become the prime reason behind people buying commercial property in Gurgaon. The property tax for commercial property in Gurgaon has been on a rise and so people are making ends meet to be a part of this growing city.

Gurgaon is known as the industrial hub of the nation and is commercially very sound. The commercial property in Gurgaon is a hot selling commodity that has been in trend from the past couple of years. As a successful commercial hub, buyers find Gurgaon, one of the most opulent places for commercial investment. Due to the huge settlement of companies, Gurgaon has always been high on demand for commercial property. As a result of this, developers have launched many new real estate projects in Gurgaon that. Commercial property generally includes office space, shopping malls, retail shop and anchor stores.

With the growing demand for property the city is attracted by international businessmen, industrialists and corporate. A large number of buyers want to buy commercial property in Gurgaon. They find commercial property in Gurgaon for sale as the best asset and one of the most profitable investments in the long run. Developers too are very much attracted towards commercial property market of the city and are coming up with pre leased commercial property in Gurgaon. To give you a much better picture of commercial property market we have done a deep research on it and have created a different list of commercial property in Gurgaon. In this list you will find all the details and information regarding the pre leased commercial property in Gurgaon and commercial property in Gurgaon for sale. As a well flourished real estate market the city offers wide option of where to buy commercial property.

On many online sites the properties are shown in bulk that confuses the buyers. To find the most preferable property is a difficult task for any buyers. So for the comfort ability of our buyers we have narrowed our listing and has specifically listed the properties systematically so that you can get the exact information of what you want. This listing not only includes all the information about the commercial property in Gurgaon but we have also given information about the property tax for commercial property in Gurgaon. Investing in commercial property is not an easy task and for any buyer, it is suggested to have full knowledge about the different aspects of investing in commercial property. To make the work easier for buyers who are looking for commercial property in Gurgaon and to help you choose your preferable property, we have given every bit of information and has described deeply about the different aspects of investing in commercial property. Moreover, for your satisfaction and relevancy we have also given details about the developers, their reputation and experience in the field of property market.

Investing or buying any commercial property has its own advantages. As the price and demand of the properties are rising day by day, experts believe that Gurgaon has a bright future in the commercial property. So with the passing time the price appreciation will surely bring you great returns. But as the buyers have got unending options of property, it is tough to select and choose the best options. So if you wanted a commercial property in Gurgaon, as a responsible consultant we are always ready to guide you and help you to choose the best preferred property.

New Property In Gurgaon

The demand of top real estate projects in Gurgaon is heating up in the last few years. In the last few years Gurgaon has registered significant development, the infrastructural development in this area has brought a good number of home seeker into the city. The people are turning down Delhi over Gurgaon owing to its multiple benefits and living with modern amenities being one of them. If you are also looking for property in very promising location Gurgaon, you are at the right place. We present you the list of new launch property in Gurgaon. This listing contains all sort of major projects by major renowned property brands. These latest real estate projects in Gurgaon are strategically located in the prime sector of Gurgaon, easily reachable from metro services and a series of roadways.

We respect and value your hard earned money that is why we have taken utmost care to bring you the safest projects. We have taken utmost care to exclude projects by developers with negative credentials. These projects under this listing are designed to come true to all your expectation. Due to ample availability of land many renowned developer come to the city and flooded the city with countless projects. To cater the homes seeker with cheaper and affordable housing many new property launches in Gurgaon under lucrative schemes such as pre booking etc. by investing in those projects you can be able to cut down the price of the property by twenty to thirty percent of the prices prevailing in the market. These modern homes are the perfect place you want to live in and have international standard facilities such as 24x7 power backup, modular kitchen, tiled flooring, playground, reserved parking and many more.

The Haryana government has been increasing the circle rates every year since 2009 but the state government decided not to increase the price this year in order to promote equilibrium of market demand and supply of real estate projects. It is the high time to book new launch real estate project in Gurgaon because you may be able to the project in the same price as now. The prices of the property always keep on increasing, so the property prices are expected to increase and reach to its new hike in a very short period from now. If you go with the facts ‘property prices in Gurgaon has increased by two or three times in the past few years and this appreciation is still expected in these days. Don’t procrastinate before you grab, but once grabbed put it under your pillow and let the tooth fairy arrive, because you will definitely get a miraculous appreciation on the principle value of this upcoming residential property in Gurgaon.

Real estate is the perfect business venture and investing in real estate is more like making investment in real gold, means there is no chance of facing a loss. Don’t hesitate to reach our investment experts, we will be more then help you to get your new upcoming property in Gurgaon.

Future of Property in Gurgaon

The city has been in talks off lately because of the constant increase in price range. The prices have been escalating all these years and the scenario is such that real estate became unaffordable for the common man. Projects became very expensive and only catered the luxury lovers. Such a demarcation became the top reason for people who belonged to the mid-income group, to look elsewhere for buying property. This was the top reason for introducing the affordable scheme by the government. This scheme includes the building of projects in collaboration with private builders along with HUDA (Haryana Urban Development Authority). This has been a boon to the people who only dreamed to own a property. You will find that many ongoing real estate projects in Gurgaon belong to the affordable range and that is the ongoing trend in real estate these days.

Such schemes and more have been brought out for the welfare of both the people and the builders. Like the REITS which allow investors to gain many benefits like the affordable lands or property prices, easy liquidity and tax benefits. This has become a rage amongst investors’ especially big investors and now has become one the hottest real estate topic.

Gurgaon real estate observed a massive change in the pricing. By the year 2014, prices had reached the pinnacle and Gurgaon was being counted among India's most expensive place to buy property in. But as the new government brought out many reforms, the scenario has changed and the real estate prices have dropped all over Gurgaon. But this is not indicative of a slack in the realty market. The market continues to boom as fresh buyers and investors have rushed to Gurgaon. This is the best time to buy property in Gurgaon as per experts. The various regions being developed in Gurgaon like Sohna Road, Sohna, New Gurgaon, Dwarka Expressway and Golf Course Extension Road show a marked rise in the number of bookings than last year. This way the people have been taking interest in luxurious but affordable real estate projects.

The future is indicative of an increase in the number projects being developed in and around Gurgaon. As per the Smart City Scheme, many satellite towns will be developed soon. So looking towards areas like Manesar, Bhiwadi and Dharuhera, one can invest in such areas too. The slow rise of the satellite towns and those belonging to Tier 2 and 3, will become evident in a few years. The suburbs of Gurgaon too will have an increased activity in terms of real estate development. So if you are planning to invest in property or want to shift and change your lifestyle, now is the time as the market rates are low. For any consultation, please contact our Sales Team.

Best Place To Buy Property In Gurgaon

As Delhi got completely developed, people started moving to the areas with larger spaces due to the congestion in Delhi. NCR was not in the picture before but as Gurgaon is near to Delhi huge amount of people started shifting .Now it is just a matter of time that Gurgaon has a reason to rejoice with people coming up in a vast amount due to the existing approach road and its infrastructure at advanced stage. If we look at the future prospective the property prices will surely get appreciated because basically real estate has four main parameters connectivity, infrastructure, distance and time. Gurgaon has the potential to provide these things.

The best places to buy property in Gurgaon are New Gurgaon and Dwarka Expressway where renowned builders have land banks such as DLF, Raheja and Emaar Mgf. These areas have planned infrastructure with wide roads as well as segregated commercial and residential area. Due to which there will be no traffic related issues in future. Secondly metro connectivity and ISBT are being developed here.

As we all know that property prices in major Indian cities, including Mumbai and New Delhi, are set to a slump by as much as 30% in the next upcoming years as rising rates have led to a sharp drop in demand for homes. This is an additional factor along with the price rise which has directly impacted investor sales in the higher end of the residential market. Gurgaon real estate has always relied heavily on its increase in demand of residential property. The way Gurgaon property market is going spirally upwards, it is a good time to invest as builders are providing assured returns on the properties. In Gurgaon retail property has also seen an upswing, as a result of improved economic climate, making it an attractive market for global retailers.

In Gurgaon, most commercial realty projects are also coming up in peripheral areas like Northern Peripheral Road, New Gurgaon, Sohna etc. Gurgaon has attracted large multinational corporations from IT and banking sectors who want to set up and get engaged in business activities .Basically residential growth is directly proportionate to commercial. If you make more houses, you need to create more jobs and vice versa. This listing is especially created so that you may get all the relevant information and knowledge about the best real estate projects in Gurgaon.

Gurgaon has Dwarka Expressway, Southern Peripheral Road and KMP Expressway which are major corridors that are witnessing prominent residential developments and their popularity is likely to accelerate with time. Amenities, travel time to commercial districts, connectivity to various parts of the city and quality of public transport and infrastructure are decisive factors affecting the capital value of a residential realty market. The residential property market of Gurgaon has witnessed capital appreciation in the range of 14 per cent to 29 per cent in a year. Though the residential sector has witnessed a cautious buyer sentiment in the last year, the situation is expected to improve this year with suburban markets seeing good activity.

So for your convenience our experts are always there to solve your any of the query regarding purchase of property in Gurgaon. The team has understands the market so well and they are always ready to suggest you the best option as per your requirements.

Price Trend Of Property In Gurgaon

Known as one of the most developed NCR city in India, Gurgaon is has gradually emerged as a dream city for many people. With advanced infrastructure, superb connectivity to Delhi, Noida and other major cities of India, huge settlement of IT/ITES, BPO and MNC companies and a full established real estate market, the city has always been an eye catcher for worldwide people. With galloping economy and skyscraper buildings Gurgaon real estate has made a strong foothold in the country. With the growing population the demand for the properties are continuously growing and the prices are reaching sky high. Though buying property in Gurgaon has become a difficult task for the mid-income group, but after the arrival of the new government there has been increased buoyancy in the market. The new developing suburbs of Gurgaon like Sohna, Bhiwadi, Manesar and New Gurgaon are the new stars in the realty market. Due to high prices of properties in Gurgaon the demand gradually shifts in these areas. These areas are developing rapidly and noticing its future growth, it is emerging as the best place to buy property in Gurgaon.

Though in recent years has brought some relief to the buyers as the price of the properties have tended to fall as compared to the previous years and for the satisfaction and relief of buyers, the government has launched many plans favouring the investors. Big developers like DLF, Supertech, Vatika, Emaar, Ansal and many more are coming up with affordable housing projects to satisfy the buyers need. Be it residential or commercial sector Gurgaon stands first in every way. The commercial zones are always high on demand and are the major eye catching areas of the city. The commercial properties are set to be the best investment options for buyers and this city can give you some of the best options of commercial property for sale. Noticing the future growth and stability of the real estate market of Gurgaon it is a hype time for buyers to invest or buy property now. As in near future the rising price of properties can give you great return and can be a great asset.

To know more about the current price trend of property in Gurgaon, we have created a different listing of all real estate projects in Gurgaon and has given a comparative information of all. With the help of statistics and graph we have compared the changing price trend of property market year after year. For our customers ease and for their better understanding we have presented this pictorial presentation of changing price trend. Moreover, on our sites you can also get the detailed information on the projects according to their prices. With this list of real estate projects in Gurgaon you can surely get your desired home without getting confused or lost.

Gurgaon Properties

These are few of the imperative components that can finally help you in settling on the right choice related to Gurgaon Property. Guaranteeing all these focuses can help you in getting financially savvy business properties or moderate lodging in the city. Likewise, these focus would guarantee you that you are probably spending your cash on something worth contributing. Keep in mind that for acquiring properties in Gurgaon, you must have familiarized yourself with the redesigned Gurgaon's land patterns. Be cautious and research well before hitting any property bargain, so to wind up on a positive note.

If stepping into real estate Gurgaon is on your mind, then we are here to help you. At, we ensure to offer detailed information about various property Projects in Gurgaon and help you in making a wise decision.