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Property in Chandigarh for Sale

126 Projects

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  • Project By : Bigbull Infra

     Bir Developers Tulip Heights
    TYPE Size Price
    2BHK 1212 Sq.Ft - 1264 Sq.Ft 38.7 Lac - 40.3 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1212 Sq.Ft 38.7 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1236 Sq.Ft 39.5 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1264 Sq.Ft 40.3 Lac
  • Project By : Ansal Housing & Construction

    Ansal API Celebrity Suites
    TYPE Size Price
    1BHK 627 Sq.Ft - 627 Sq.Ft 18.8 Lac - 18.8 Lac
    1BHK+1T 627 Sq.Ft 18.8 Lac
  • Project By : Gillco Developers and Builders

     Gillco Independent Floors
    TYPE Size Price
    3BHK 1450 Sq.Ft - 1625 SqFt 51.7 Lac - 57.9 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1450 Sq.Ft 51.7 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1625 SqFt 57.9 Lac
  • Project By : Gauransh Associates

     Gauransh Ireo Five River
    TYPE Size Price
    3BHK 3395 Sq.Ft - 3395 Sq.Ft 1.4 Cr - 1.4 Cr
    3BHK+3T 3395 Sq.Ft 1.4 Cr
    4BHK 4070 SqFt - 5475 SqFt 1.7 Cr - 2.3 Cr
    4BHK+4T 4070 SqFt 1.7 Cr
    4BHK+4T 4111 SqFt 1.7 Cr
    4BHK+4T 5475 SqFt 2.3 Cr
    6BHK 7375 SqFt - 7375 SqFt 3.1 Cr - 3.1 Cr
    6BHK+6T 7375 SqFt 3.1 Cr
  • Project By : Omaxe

    Omaxe The Lake
    TYPE Size Price
    1BHK 950 SqFt - 950 SqFt Price On Request
    1BHK+1T 950 SqFt Price On Request
    2BHK 1260 Sq.Ft - 1285 Sq.Ft 47.8 Lac - 48.7 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1260 Sq.Ft 47.8 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1285 Sq.Ft 48.7 Lac
    3BHK 1580 Sq.Ft - 1885 Sq.Ft 59.9 Lac - 71.4 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1580 Sq.Ft 59.9 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1885 Sq.Ft 71.4 Lac
    4BHK 2300 Sq.Ft - 5300 SqFt 84.9 Lac - 2 Cr
    4BHK+4T 2300 Sq.Ft 84.9 Lac
    4BHK+4T 2760 Sq.Ft 1 Cr
    4BHK+4T 4450 SqFt 1.6 Cr
    4BHK+4T 5300 SqFt 2 Cr
  • Project By : Sandwoods Infratech

    Sandwoods Opulencia
    TYPE Size Price
    2BHK 1325 Sq.Ft - 1325 Sq.Ft 42.4 Lac - 42.4 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1325 Sq.Ft 42.4 Lac
    3BHK 1750 - 1950 Sq.Ft 56 Lac - 62.4 Lac
    3BHK+4T 1750 56 Lac
    3BHK+4T 1950 Sq.Ft 62.4 Lac
    4BHK 2600 Sq.Ft - 2600 Sq.Ft 83.2 Lac - 83.2 Lac
    4BHK+5T 2600 Sq.Ft 83.2 Lac
  • Project By : Palm Heights Pvt Ltd

    Palm Heights,Chandigarh
    TYPE Size Price
    2BHK 1250 Sq.Ft - 1250 Sq.Ft 32.5 Lac - 32.5 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1250 Sq.Ft 32.5 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1250 Sq.Ft 32.5 Lac
    3BHK 1400 SqFt - 1685 SqFt 36.4 Lac - 43.8 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1400 SqFt 36.4 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1400 SqFt 36.4 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1405 SqFt 36.5 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1685 SqFt 43.8 Lac
  • Project By : Dara Estates Pvt. Ltd.

    The D Homes
    TYPE Size Price
    2BHK 820 Sq.Ft - 820 Sq.Ft 25.3 Lac - 25.3 Lac
    2BHK+2T 820 Sq.Ft 25.3 Lac
    3BHK 1100 SqFt - 1100 SqFt 30 Lac - 30 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1100 SqFt 30 Lac
  • Project By : Gillco Developers and Builders

     Gillco Palms
    TYPE Size Price
    3BHK 1625 Sq.Ft - 1625 Sq.Ft 52 Lac - 52 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1625 Sq.Ft 52 Lac
  • Project By : Ansal API

    Ansal API Tulip And Carnation
    TYPE Size Price
    3BHK 1664 Sq.Ft - 1806 Sq.Ft 53.1 Lac - 57.6 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1664 Sq.Ft 53.1 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1695 SqFt 54.1 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1738 SqFt 55.4 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1775 SqFt 56.6 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1806 Sq.Ft 57.6 Lac

Property in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is the first planned city of India. In the last few decades, the city has witness a sudden rise in the demand for new real estate segments such as individual flats, luxury homes and studio apartments. One can find that old residential sectors such as sector 24, 22 and 21 are been remodeling these days. Most of the traditionally designed kothis are now turning into luxury flats. Thus, the latest property trend emerging in the city is transforming of traditional kothis in individual flats. The major reason behind this changing trend in Chandigarh real estate is due to the change in the preferences of property buyers and owners. Another reason adding on to this trend is the growing population of migratory. The increasing numbers of students and professionals entering the city from the neighboring states like Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.

These days, buyers prefer small and cozy homes instead of huge kohtis or bungalows that are high on budget and maintenance costs. In terms of new construction, potential buyers are now prefer buying individual houses as compared to 3 BHK or 2 BHK apartments. Generally, most of the old and traditional properties in Chandigarh are 2-3 storey tall structures also known as kothis. But with the rise in demand for individual flats and luxury apartments, the owners of traditional houses are remodeling their kothis and turning them into 3 BHK, 2 BHK, paying guest and single apartments as an accommodation options.

This way, a single structure can be converted in many flats or apartments while meeting the growing demands of Chandigarh real estate market. Thus, allowing owners to make more money and many families or individuals to get accommodation and get have a house of their own. As soon as this concept become popular, it seems catching on with many residents choosing remodeled accommodations. Some of the major areas witnessing this new emerging trends on fast pace include areas like Mani Majra, Zirakpur, Mohali, etc.

Being the capital of two states Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh city stands at higher slab on the charts of real estate. It grab attention and interest of the investors from around the world to make investments in the city'\s properties. In terms of per capita income, the city stands on the second position. Since past few decades, the real estate market of Chandigarh is seeing positive trends in residential investments. On an average, investors can enjoy an appreciation of about 10% throughout the city. A massive development has been taking place in the suburban areas of the cities such as Mohali, Dera Bassi, Panchkula and Zirakhpur. Many new residential projects are coming up in the central district areas of the city because of increasing demands and appreciating values of the property located in central areas of the city.

Residential & Commercial Properties in Chandigarh

In addition of being a well planned city of India, Chandigarh has a vast network of gardens enhancing the beauty of the place. Further, the growth and enhancement of business center in the major parts of the city is another reason that attract potential property investors. The city has so far become a major hub for leading IT companies. Most of the companies expect to have one of their set up at any prime location of the city. With a perfect blend of calm and healthy ambiance and state-of-the art infrastructural facilities, the city has so far become a major investing point for potential buyers.

Chandigarh Real Estate Projects

Some of the leading real estate builders high on construction of commercial as well as residential properties in throughout the city are Ansal API, Ind-Swift Land Ltd, Omaxe Ltd, Pearls Infrastructure Projects Ltd and DLF Ltd in areas such as Zirakhpur, Dera Bassi, Kasauli Road, Shimla Highway, Kharar-Landran Road and Panchkula Road. In addition to these renowned real estate developers, Greater Punjab Cooperative Society and Greater Mohali Area Development Authority are also contributing their best in fulfilling the property demand supply gap prevailing within the city.

In the last few years, both residential and commercial properties in the city has witnessed an increase of about 40-50 percent. As of now, many Eco friendly and luxury projects are under construction throughout the city. Most of them are following Green rating concept in order to maintain the clam and cleanliness of the city. So, as a whole, it will be not wrong to say that Chandigarh properties are an ideal investing option for all interested and potential buyers.