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Property in Bhiwadi for Sale

138 Projects

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  • Project By : New Delhi Land Consortium

    NDLC City 1
    TYPE Size Price
    Plots 125 Sq.Yd - 250 Sq.Yd 12.4 Lac - 24 Lac
    Plots 125 Sq.Yd 12.4 Lac
    Plots 127 Sq.Yd 12.6 Lac
    Plots 150 Sq.Yd 14.8 Lac
    Plots 158 Sq.Yd 14.7 Lac
    Plots 186 Sq.Yd 17.8 Lac
    Plots 193 Sq.Yd 18.5 Lac
    Plots 250 Sq.Yd 24 Lac
  • Project By : Avalon Group

    Avalon royal park
    TYPE Size Price
    2BHK 1250 Sq.Ft - 1250 Sq.Ft Price On Request
    2BHK+2T 1250 Sq.Ft Price On Request
    3BHK 1550 Sq.Ft - 1550 Sq.Ft Price On Request
    3BHK+3T 1550 Sq.Ft Price On Request
    4BHK 2800 Sq.Ft - 2800 Sq.Ft Price On Request
    4BHK+2T 2800 Sq.Ft Price On Request
  • Project By : Avalon Group

    Avalon Royal Heights
    TYPE Size Price
    4BHK 2800 Sq.Ft - 2800 Sq.Ft 89.6 Lac - 89.6 Lac
    4BHK+4T 2800 Sq.Ft 89.6 Lac
  • Project By : Piyush Group

    Piyush Group Square
    TYPE Size Price
    1BHK 556 Sq.Ft - 680 SqFt 17.7 Lac - 21.7 Lac
    1BHK+1T 556 Sq.Ft 17.7 Lac
    1BHK+1T 588 SqFt 18.8 Lac
    1BHK+1T 613 SqFt 19.6 Lac
    1BHK+1T 680 SqFt 21.7 Lac
  • Project By : The Essentia

    Essentia Saffron Homes
    TYPE Size Price
    1BHK 550 Sq.Ft - 560 SqFt Price On Request
    1BHK+1T 550 Sq.Ft Price On Request
    1BHK+1T 560 SqFt Price On Request
    2BHK 800 SqFt - 875 SqFt Price On Request
    2BHK+2T 800 SqFt Price On Request
    2BHK+3T 875 SqFt Price On Request
  • Project By : Terra Realcon Pvt. Ltd.

    Terra City-1
    TYPE Size Price
    Plots 140 Sq.Yd - 240 Sq.Yd 19.6 Lac - 33.6 Lac
    Plots 140 Sq.Yd 19.6 Lac
    Plots 170 Sq.Yd 23.8 Lac
    Plots 190 Sq.Yd 26.6 Lac
    Plots 240 Sq.Yd 33.6 Lac
  • Project By : Piyush Group

    Piyush Parnakuti
    TYPE Size Price
    1BHK 490 Sq.Ft - 490 Sq.Ft 10.8 Lac - 10.8 Lac
    1BHK+1T 490 Sq.Ft 10.8 Lac
    2BHK 875 Sq.Ft - 740 SqFt 18.4 Lac - 15.5 Lac
    2BHK+2T 875 Sq.Ft 18.4 Lac
    2BHK+2T 740 SqFt 15.5 Lac
  • Project By : Suparas Homz Builders

    Suparas Cygnet Heights
    TYPE Size Price
    1BHK 596 Sq.Ft - 596 Sq.Ft 12.5 Lac - 12.5 Lac
    1BHK+1T 596 Sq.Ft 12.5 Lac
    2BHK 875 Sq.Ft - 875 Sq.Ft 19.5 Lac - 19.5 Lac
    2BHK+2T 875 Sq.Ft 19.5 Lac
  • Project By : MVL

    The Palms
    TYPE Size Price
    1BHK 550 Sq.Ft - 604 Sq.Ft 15.4 Lac - 16.9 Lac
    1BHK+1T 550 Sq.Ft 15.4 Lac
    1BHK+1T 550 Sq.Ft 15.4 Lac
    1BHK+1T 604 Sq.Ft 16.9 Lac
    2BHK 800 Sq.Ft - 950 Sq.Ft 21.6 Lac - 25.7 Lac
    2BHK+2T 800 Sq.Ft 21.6 Lac
    2BHK+2T 881 Sq.Ft 23.8 Lac
    2BHK+2T 950 Sq.Ft 25.7 Lac
    3BHK 1200 Sq.Ft - 1200 Sq.Ft 32.4 Lac - 32.4 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1200 Sq.Ft 32.4 Lac
  • Project By : Trehan Home Developer Pvt Ltd

    Trehan Delight Residency
    TYPE Size Price
    2BHK 750 Sq.Ft - 750 Sq.Ft 19 Lac - 19 Lac
    2BHK+1T 750 Sq.Ft 19 Lac

Property in Bhiwadi

Bhiwadi is the an upcoming city in the National Capital Region of India. It is one of the rapidly developing industrial hub of the region. Bhiwadi projects include many prestigious industries such as Jaguar, Gillette, Ashok Leyland, Honda cars and so on, which are located in this area. In fact, the list of global industrial houses is unending since new industries are established almost every day in this region of NCR. In a short span of time, this place will be clustered with global brands in manufacturing and service sectors. It is a highly industrialized area with with an under construction global infrastructure. At present there are about 2700 different industries and corporations in this place ranging from small to large scale. Most of them are associated with automobiles, electronics and steel sector. With the rise of industries, residential property is also a facet, which is growing in an exponential rate. It is evident that with rise of industries, this area has become home to the growing number of professionals associated with these corporations. People from every part of the world are beginning to settle here. It is located in Alwar district of Rajasthan, lying by the border of Haryana. It is next to Dharuhera, when approached from Gurgoan. Dharuhera is adjacent to Bhiwadi and they together forms the a major urban cluster constituting NCR. industrial property in Bhiwadi is growing at an exponential rate.

Bhiwadi also has a rich cultural heritage. The place has a rich history and it is one of the famous pilgrimages. It has a rich settlement since ages, which is also a reason of the growing Bhiwadi real estate sector. The place is known as the land of Baba Mohan Ram, who is also known as the rider God on a blue horse by the locals. He is regarded as an incarnation of Lord Krishna by the Hindus in this place. The rich culture make Bhiwadi properties and residences a perfect place to raise a family in the most eloquent manner. The geographical location of this place is superb, it is located in the picturesque plains filled with greeneries. This is one of the most compelling reasons to buy property in Bhiwadi. The distant view of the Aravalli range soothes the mind, taking it away from city hustles. Light breeze blows throughout the year in this region. Even in the hottest part of summer this becomes a modest place to live. The average wind velocity is 5 kilometers per hour.

Being an industrial hub, this region has superb transportation and connectivity. This aspect is one of the primary reasons for the growth of projects in Bhiwadi. It is located at just 70 kilometer from New Delhi, the capital of India. The location is advantageous, being 40 kilometers from proper Gurgaon and 60 kilometers from Faridabad. It has excellent road connectivity from Delhi via the National Highway 8, which is the Delhi-Jaipur Expressway. There are also other road ways from Delhi and Gurgaon to reach this place. The IGI airport is located 55 kilometers from this place and the nearest railway station is Rewari, located just 26 km from it. Many projects in Bhiwadi in residential, commercial and industrial sectors will develop its infrastructure to an world class residential city.

Projects in Bhiwadi

With the growth of industries and commercial spaces in Bhiwadi, construction of residential spaces have also become a major section of projects in Bhiwadi. This area has been a target for real estate corporations and companies since long. With the growth of industries in this region decades ago, the real estate industry has also taken a firm hold among profitable businesses in this area. Real estate Bhiwadi has become one of the lucrative businesses for investors and corporations all over India. The result of this is the growth of clusters of skyscrapers in this region. In a short span of time, this area experienced a real estate boom. Many builders across the country started building residential plots and townships in this area. The infrastructure have expanded many times providing the latest amenities and comfort zones for residences in Bhiwadi. Owning to the excellent location of the places as well as the growing cluster of industries and corporations in this area, a rush of population is experienced in this area. Also, as these regions lies in the outskirts of the the major city such as Gurgaon, the place has a natural serenity for growth and development of a family. Most of Bhiwadi projects are of the world class order providing latest amenities and luxury lifestyle. The constructions in real estate sector are superb as they are undertaken by the largest builders of India. The lustrous hue of modern lifestyle that fills the residential townships and apartments of Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida has been actuated in Bhiwadi as well. In fact, investors are now more attracted to Bhiwadi rather than other places in the vicinity.

Bhiwadi is a rapidly growing industrial hub. Within a short span of time, it has become a major investment friendly locality for industrialist, real estate companies and investors. This will soon turn to an integrated part of the region as communication to this area is excellent. On the other hand, initiatives has been taken to provide more thrust on the development of this area. It will become one of the most expensive regions in a short span of time. This is the right time to invest on property in Bhiwadi because the infrastructure being on a developing mode, the prices has not rocketed up high yet. However, following the same exponential growth pattern and its demand, the price would be uncontrollable very soon. The price of commercial property has also increased considerably in recent year, as there has been a competition among corporations to invest in this place. On the other hand, facilities such as schools, hospitals and shopping malls, luxury plazas are being constructed rapidly in this region. The infrastructure is developed in a planned manner to convert it to a city with best amenities for life and living. There are many prestigious builders and real estate corporations who have invested in real estate sector in this place. They have undertaken many residential projects in Bhiwadi, which are at par the most luxurious apartments and living spaces globally. Some of the builders who has undertaken major projects in this ares are Ashiana Avalon , Nemai, Terra City, M2K, Cosmos, Essentia, Omaxe, Kajaria, and Krish.

The prestigious Ashiana Housing Ltd has developed its largest project in Bhiwadi. This township is one of the best real estates in this ares. It is located by the Alwar by-pass road spreading over 51.45 acres of land. The total area comprising of 4000 residential units is within 39 lacs square feet. The township is well planned and is equipped with every modern necessities for living a global lifestyle. This Bhiwadi Real Estate comprises of residential properties integrated with social infrastructure. It has every modern amenities such as house clubs, shopping complex, green area, jogging tracks, swimming pools, gymnasiums, garders and recreational ares for kids and adults. It is the largest project with world class facilities by Ashiana. The price of residences in this township is fixed with a view caring the middle income group. The 2 BHK units are available at 30 lacs INR and 3 BHK units are 40 lacs INR. This same builder has completed 10 housing projects, three commercial and one Hotel with Spa in Bhiwadi. This is one of the best among Bhiwadi properties.

The Krish Group has made Bhiwadi a major hub for their building projects. The is a residential project with Wi-Fi campus. The campus is designed by professional architects, which is with a central park and one of the largest gardens in Bhiwadi. It is in close vicinity to every necessary amenities such as schools, colleges, hospitals and plazas. The Honda plant lies close to these residential estate. These residences are with every luxury amenities such as executive club, swimming pools, Children parks and much more. With a reasonable price tag for these spaces, the middle class income group can buy property in Bhiwadi with classy facilities.

There are other projects in Bhiwadi such as BDI Sunshine City, Trehan Hill View garden, Omaxe Green Meadow City, Avalon Regal Court and so on, which has become the top destinations for investors and buyers.