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Property in Bangalore for Sale

77 Projects

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  • Project By : Ardee Infrastructure Pvt Ltd

     Ardente Wind Song
    TYPE Size Price
    2BHK 1360 Sq.Ft - 1360 Sq.Ft 68 Lac - 68 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1360 Sq.Ft 68 Lac
    3BHK 1740 Sq.Ft - 1800 Sq.Ft 87 Lac - 90 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1740 Sq.Ft 87 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1746 Sq.Ft 87.3 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1770 Sq.Ft 88.5 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1780 Sq.Ft 89 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1800 Sq.Ft 90 Lac
  • Project By : Eleven Group

    Patel Smondo 4
    TYPE Size Price
    1BHK 641 Sq.Ft - 663 Sq.Ft 25 Lac - 25.9 Lac
    1BHK+1T 641 Sq.Ft 25 Lac
    1BHK+1T 663 Sq.Ft 25.9 Lac
    2BHK 995 Sq.Ft - 1155 Sq.Ft 38.8 Lac - 45 Lac
    2BHK+2T 995 Sq.Ft 38.8 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1240 Sq.Ft 48.4 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1055 Sq.Ft 41.1 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1155 Sq.Ft 45 Lac
    3BHK 1510 Sq.Ft - 1360 Sq.Ft 58.9 Lac - 53 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1510 Sq.Ft 58.9 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1360 Sq.Ft 53 Lac
  • Project By : Alpine Homes

    Alpine Fiesta
    TYPE Size Price
    2BHK 936 Sq.Ft - 1221 Sq.Ft 37.4 Lac - 48.8 Lac
    2BHK+2T 936 Sq.Ft 37.4 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1020 Sq.Ft 40.8 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1197 Sq.Ft 47.9 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1221 Sq.Ft 48.8 Lac
    3BHK 1331 Sq.Ft - 1396 Sq.Ft 53.2 Lac - 55.8 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1331 Sq.Ft 53.2 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1396 Sq.Ft 55.8 Lac
  • Project By : Brigade Group

    Brigade Cosmopolis
    TYPE Size Price
    2BHK 1250 Sq.Ft - 1370 Sq.Ft 81.8 Lac - 89.6 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1250 Sq.Ft 81.8 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1370 Sq.Ft 89.6 Lac
    3BHK 1720 Sq.Ft - 3850 Sq.Ft 1.1 Cr - 2.8 Cr
    3BHK+3T 1720 Sq.Ft 1.1 Cr
    3BHK+3T 2260 Sq.Ft 1.5 Cr
    3BHK+3T 3480 Sq.Ft 2.5 Cr
    3BHK+3T 3720 Sq.Ft 2.7 Cr
    3BHK+3T 3850 Sq.Ft 2.8 Cr
    4BHK 3370 Sq.Ft - 3640 Sq.Ft 2.2 Cr - 2.4 Cr
    4BHK+4T 3370 Sq.Ft 2.2 Cr
    4BHK+4T 3640 Sq.Ft 2.4 Cr
  • Project By : Bren Corporation

    Bren EdgeWaters
    TYPE Size Price
    2BHK 960 Sq.Ft - 1121 Sq.Ft 47.9 Lac - 55.9 Lac
    2BHK+2T 960 Sq.Ft 47.9 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1121 Sq.Ft 55.9 Lac
    3BHK 1418 Sq.Ft - 1418 Sq.Ft 70.8 Lac - 70.8 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1418 Sq.Ft 70.8 Lac
  • Project By : Goyal & Co. Construction

    Goyal and Co and Hariyana Group Orchid Woods
    TYPE Size Price
    2BHK 1151 Sq.Ft - 1197 Sq.Ft 55.8 Lac - 55.7 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1151 Sq.Ft 55.8 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1159 Sq.Ft 56.2 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1173 Sq.Ft 56.9 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1182 Sq.Ft 55 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1194 Sq.Ft 55.5 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1197 Sq.Ft 55.7 Lac
    3BHK 1297 Sq.Ft - 1534 Sq.Ft 62.9 Lac - 74.4 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1297 Sq.Ft 62.9 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1398 Sq.Ft 67.8 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1418 Sq.Ft 68.8 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1488 Sq.Ft 72.2 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1505 Sq.Ft 73 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1518 Sq.Ft 73.6 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1526 Sq.Ft 74 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1534 Sq.Ft 74.4 Lac
  • Project By : Casa Grande Pvt Ltd

    Casa Grande Shamrock
    TYPE Size Price
    4BHK 2600 Sq.Ft - 3048 Sq.Ft 1.4 Cr - 1.7 Cr
    4BHK+3T 2600 Sq.Ft 1.4 Cr
    4BHK+3T 2626 Sq.Ft 1.4 Cr
    4BHK+3T 2646 Sq.Ft 1.5 Cr
    4BHK+3T 2672 Sq.Ft 1.5 Cr
    4BHK+3T 2678 Sq.Ft 1.5 Cr
    4BHK+4T 2681 Sq.Ft 1.5 Cr
    4BHK+3T 2696 Sq.Ft 1.5 Cr
    4BHK+3T 2699 Sq.Ft 1.5 Cr
    4BHK+3T 3041 Sq.Ft 1.7 Cr
    4BHK+3T 3048 Sq.Ft 1.7 Cr
  • Project By : Brigade Group

    Brigade Lakefront
    TYPE Size Price
    2BHK 1330 Sq.Ft - 1400 Sq.Ft 81 Lac - 85.3 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1330 Sq.Ft 81 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1400 Sq.Ft 85.3 Lac
    3BHK 1860 Sq.Ft - 2350 Sq.Ft 1.1 Cr - 1.4 Cr
    3BHK+3T 1860 Sq.Ft 1.1 Cr
    3BHK+3T 1930 Sq.Ft 1.2 Cr
    3BHK+3T 2350 Sq.Ft 1.4 Cr
    4BHK 3360 Sq.Ft - 3360 Sq.Ft 2 Cr - 2 Cr
    4BHK+4T 3360 Sq.Ft 2 Cr
  • Project By : Patel Realty

    Patel Townsville
    TYPE Size Price
    3BHK 3477 Sq.Ft - 3784 Sq.Ft 2 Cr - 2.2 Cr
    3BHK+3T 3477 Sq.Ft 2 Cr
    3BHK+3T 3675 Sq.Ft 2.1 Cr
    3BHK+4T 3784 Sq.Ft 2.2 Cr
    4BHK 4170 Sq.Ft - 4189 Sq.Ft 2.4 Cr - 2.4 Cr
    4BHK+4T 4170 Sq.Ft 2.4 Cr
    4BHK+4T 4075 Sq.Ft 2.3 Cr
    4BHK+4T 4117 Sq.Ft 2.4 Cr
    4BHK+4T 4279 Sq.Ft 2.5 Cr
    4BHK+6T 4117 Sq.Ft 2.4 Cr
    4BHK+6T 4189 Sq.Ft 2.4 Cr
  • Project By : SJR Group

    Bren Trillium
    TYPE Size Price
    2BHK 1195 Sq.Ft - 1296 Sq.Ft 52.5 Lac - 56.9 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1195 Sq.Ft 52.5 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1221 Sq.Ft 53.6 Lac
    2BHK+2T 1296 Sq.Ft 56.9 Lac
    3BHK 1518 Sq.Ft - 1672 Sq.Ft 66.6 Lac - 73.4 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1518 Sq.Ft 66.6 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1529 Sq.Ft 67.1 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1652 Sq.Ft 72.5 Lac
    3BHK+3T 1672 Sq.Ft 73.4 Lac

Property in Bangalore

Bangalore or Bengaluru has the fifth largest metropolitan area in India. It is the third largest city of the country being the capital of Karnataka. The city has an uniquely moderate climate, making it the most pleasant metropolitan of India owning to its climatic condition. It has salubrious climate throughout the year, hence, the term “Air Conditioned City” came into being. This is one of many reasons of the booming Bangalore real estate. The city experience every climatic condition such as rain in monsoon, cold in winters and hot in summer, but no condition goes to extreme making it the most preferred city for lively hood and living. This pleasant climate of the city is an aspect of attraction for people searching for retirement homes. Another name of the city as “The Pensioner's Paradise” came from this very fact. Bangalore is more famous as the “Silicon Valley Of India”. It is worth mentioning that it is considered as one of the top ten locations for investment and entrepreneurship all over the world. This city, being the Indian hub of IT industries, firms associated with research and development, electronics and software production, has become a heaven for real estate developers. Commercial projects in Bangalore in real estate sector is bound to grow exponentially in such condition. This city is the center for a huge sum of rupees 523 billion economy. This makes it one of the major economic centers of India. Trade and commerce sector is also growing at the same rate as rest of the sectors in this city.

According to Forbes, this city is one of “The Next Decade's Fastest Growing Cities”. Economic growth being at 10%, it is India's fourth largest developing consumer goods market. Residential property in Bangalore is soaring up high as this city is a home to innumerable millionaires, highly rich people and investors. Per capita income in this city was $1200 in 2007. Top IT companies such as Infosys, Wipro, TCS and other foreign giants are clustered around its technology and Software parks. It is the hub for IT export of India comprising 33% of her total export volume. Apart from private enterprises and firms, government agencies and undertakings have also gained a good hold within this city. Government research agencies and manufacturing units are established all over the city. High profile undertakings such as ISRO, BEL, HAL, NAL, HMT are all headquartered in this city. Other top firms are Google, Boeing, Bosch, Microsoft and so on. This is the reason for a huge migrant working population in Bangalore. This group of population comprises of working professionals from both India and abroad. Their impact is greatest in real estate Bangalore. Apart from this, the city is also a hub for educational and research institutes. It has been a next home for students from all over India and professionals from all over the world. Fields such as biotechnology is also at a high pace of development in this city. The growing infrastructure of this city is being made adequate to accommodate this growing population. The need is growing exponentially not only in commercial sector but also in residential housing and accommodation. As as result, hundreds of upcoming projects in Bangalore are on the way of completion.

Residential & Commercial Properties in Bangalore

The City of Bangalore hold a position only next to Tokyo in the list of cities with growing real estate expansion demands. Its IT segment is the reason of this huge growth. With the recovery of global economy in recent times, this sector is expected to grow more rapidly. Flow of investment and establishment of new enterprises are being ensured by a growing Indian economy and new policies of central as well as state government. New range of commercial projects in Bangalore will be highly in demand in coming times. The rate of corporate office expansion is projected to be at 16% by the end of 2014. As FDI rate in India is being revised and increased in several sectors, the flow of multinational companies and foreign investment is certain. The suburban locations such as Whitefield and Outer Ring Road belt are expected to be highly influenced in this recent boom. Some of the major Bangalore real estate launches in recent years are Unishire Belvedere Signature, Orchids Lake View, Ajmera Stone Park, Hiranandani Edenhall, Sobha Town Square and Purva Coronation Square.

Real estate market in Bangalore is influenced by certain aspects. These will also be the reasons of future expansion and growth of infrastructure of this city. The IT industry is the major factor of real estate growth in Bangalore. This industry will develop more rapidly in coming times. The increase in high income group of people is another factor. Most of NRIs and foreigners have started settling in the city. Government initiatives to develop the city's infrastructure, roads and transportation is also another reason for many major upcoming projects in Bangalore. In addition to this, there are more proposals for special economic zones and IT parks in different parts of this city. Some of these projects are proposed in ITIR Devanhalli, Aerospace SEZ, Divanhalli Business Park, Airport City and so on. These factors make Bangalore a heaven for real estate investment. Since, along with other industries, real estate industry in bound to grow. The city has every requirement for living a perfect life. The perfect combination of every essential amenities and features makes this city one of the best place to own a home in India. It has excellent earning opportunities, healthy and sublime weather condition, superb connectivity and the glare of world class living. In addition to this, an amiable social structure comprising of classy people provides this city the best society to live and grow.

Housing Project in Bangalore

Bangalore being the fastest growing city of India, is a home for multicultural population. This city has been offering a quality social infrastructure along with its physical infrastructure. Backed by Information Technology growth, this city has experienced an exponential development in real estate sector. As par, residential real estate is concerned, areas such as Outer Ring Road, Sarjapur, Whitefield and North Bangalore are offering the most desired residential projects in Bangalore. Being home to a high class earning group and professionals, the demand for classy residential apartments and flats is rising up high. In semi commercial regions such as Central Business Business District, Secondary Business District (SBD), Whitefield, North Bangalore and Outer Ring Road such residences are being developed aggressively.

Bangalore Real Estate Projects

Bangalore Projects in residential sector such as villa, single unit plots, row houses and independent residences are gaining much prominence. Such projects are being able to attract home buyers and investors to a large extent. However, these residences need to meet the classy criteria of high profile buyers owing to amenities provided, size, architecture as well as other facilities provided in these residences. These group of residences can be categorized in High end housing group that cost more than rupees 1.5 crore. Such projects are prominent in areas such as North Bangalore, Outer Ring Road, Sarjapur Road and in micro markets of Whitefield. The mid segment of residential property in Bangalore starts from rupees 75 lakh to 1.5 crore. These mid segment homes are driven by some unique amenities such as good social infrastructure, a close vicinity to work place, good access to medical and health care facilities, proximity of educational hubs and so on. These are good homes to raise a perfect family with complete set of amenities. Primary buyers in this segment are professional associated with IT industry and other such organizations. These residences are scattered around Whitefield, ORR IT Corridor, Electronic City and in some areas of North Bangalore. The affordable segment of real estate Bangalore are homes up to 50 lakh. These segment is well flourished all over the outskirts of its central part. These ares are becoming popular for home buyers because of excellent connectivity and transportation facilities. Peripheral Ring Road as well as the newly planned Metro railways have driven the demand of residential housings in these areas. Housing units in this segment are being developed in South, North and Western part of the city. These Bangalore projects are in VBHC Attibele and Patel Neo Town in South Bangalore, In North, they are in Provident Welworth and Sovereign Lakefront. In its Western part, VBHC Kengeri and Provident Sunworth are coming up with these residences. In areas such as Mysore road, Hosur road, Kanakapura Road and so on, this range of apartments are coming up in a good pace.

The most expensive residential projects in Bangalore are in the third block of Koramangla. This area has the most developed high class residential real estates. It is preferred by most of famous celebrities, entrepreneurs and industrialists. Price range in this area for independent houses starts from 18 crore and upward. In Sadashivnager, independent houses starts from 15 crores and upward. Indiranagar and Epsilon Layout also has such posh residential units.