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Property in Ahmedabad for Sale

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Property in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the largest city in the state of Gujrat. It was the former capital of the state until the administrative capital was moved to the newly planned city of Gandhinagar in 1970. The city of Ahmedabad has an outstanding history in modern times, with its excellent achievements and economic expansions starting with the formation of the state of Gujrat in 1960. Commercial properties in Ahmedabad are being developed since long right after the formation of the state. During that time, the city was an economic role model around the globe, as in this period, the strategies of economic planning in India was adopted by many nations around the world to develop their own economy. It is definitely a matter of pride that, the world financial center of Seoul, the capital of South Korea, was developed in the model of this city. Residential property in Ahmedabad were in high demand right after the drastic change in the infrastructure of this city. From the view point of economic and industrial development, this city is one of the primer centers of Indian development. It is the hub of textile manufacturing in India as well as many chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

In recent times, Gujrat has become a role model for every state in India for its economic progress and industrial development, with an average GDP as well as a growth rate far better than that of these states. The commercial centers such as Ahmedabad has substantial contribution in the making of Gujrat. The city is ranked fifth by NASSCOM among the most competitive cities for investment in IT and IT enabled service sectors. There are numerous manufacturing companies and global giants that operates from this city. In 2012, the city was chosen to be the best city to live in India by the Times of India. Being the fifth largest city and the seventh largest metropolitan in India, any Ahmedabad real estate is a lucrative investment for property investors and home buyers. The recent development of industries and large business corporations from India and abroad has rendered a demographic change in this city. People, mostly employees associated with these corporations, business personals and corporate professionals has made this city their home. Unlike other cities, the containment of the new group of immigrants from other part of country and abroad has not disturbed the civil amenities in this metropolitan. In 2010, Forbes magazine rated this city to be the third fastest growing city in the world and the fastest growing city in India. Such facts make a concrete implication for the growing demand of real estate Ahmedabad. On the other hand, this city has other impressive factors that lure the populace into it. The National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), in 2003, reported that the city has lowest crime rate among 35 Indian cities with population more than a million. In December 2011, the city was also declared as the best mega-city to live in by the market research firm IMRB. New industrial development is taking place at faster rates with firms and establishments coming up in the city everyday. This has ultimately rendered a faster growth of new residential property in Ahmedabad. Along with other industries, the real estate development sector has flourished side by side, being an integral part of infrastructural development.

Residential & Commercial Properties in Ahmedabad

Behind the high progress rate of infrastructure and the economy of Ahmedabad, the civic amenities and government initiatives are the reasons. It enjoyed a planned architecture and well maintained urban foundation right since historic times. There are many agencies that are dedicated towards developing the infrastructure as well as maintenance of the city. The geographical location of the city is in an excellent zone of connectivity from other parts of the country. It is an operating division in the Western Railway Zone. Ahmedabad projects include the state government investing around 2 billion rupees to develop metro railway connectivity to Gandhinagar. It has excellent road connectivity as the NH 8 linking Delhi to Mumbai passes through the city. It falls under the golden quadrilateral project by the central government. The International airport is situated 15 km from the city. It is the eight busiest airport of India with an average service of 250 flights comprising of both domestic and international flights. The largest airport in India expanding over 7500 hectares of land will be located close to the city in a location called Fadera. These is one of the largest upcoming projects in Ahmedabad. Connectivity and communication is one of the major reasons of development of this Indian metropolitan.

Housing Project in Ahmedabad

The northern region of the city is at proximity to Gandhinagar. This capital city has also undergone massive development in areas of IT and commercial sectors. The IT and commercial corridor of Gandhinagar has been home to many large business corporations both from India and abroad. The areas such as Chandkheda and Motera of North Ahmedabad, being close to this industrial corridor of Gandhinagar, has developed to be one of the most desired residential places in the city. Many upcoming projects in Ahmedabad are being developed in this region. In the southern part of the city, the land value has raised abruptly. The real estate scenario in this part is almost similar to that of Central Ahmedabad. None availability of land has made this area a saturated region. One of the reason of this is the easy accessibility of this areas from the Ahmedabad-Baroda Expressway.

The high demand of residential properties in Ahmedabad has lead to constructions of many Flats, apartments, serviced apartments, bungalows, penthouses and township properties across the city. The present scarcity of land has rendered Ahmedabad projects for residential homes and real estate to change from the traditional demand of individual bungalows. Even if such plots are undergoing development in the outskirts of the city and some specific places, high rise towers are becoming dominant in the real estate market. Residential properties such as apartments and flats are dominating the real estate business in the city at present. Commercial and residential real estate had a tremendous growth in the last decade owing to government policies and private initiatives. As a result, the return is exceptionally high as the demand of property in Ahmedabad is increasing exponentially. According to relevant sources, property rates will be growing at the rate of 10 to 15 percent across the city. This is the right time to invest in residential properties in these metropolitan as many developers are engaged in developing residential estates and within a short time, their value will increase by many folds.

Ahmedabad Real Estate Projects

Residential property in Ahmedabad are in high demand owning to the rapid growth of commercial and industrial sectors. The real estate sector is growing hand in hand with the demand of residential spaces driven by the newly moved group of people associated with industries and business. The sector has an abrupt growth in both its micro and macro levels. The sector is growing in both organized and unorganized segments. Many sprouting residential townships, office spaces are changing the town-scape of the city. These are developed to be an organized sector which are planned across the city. Most of the residential projects in Ahmedabad are undertaken by large private corporations and real estate builders. They are influenced by investors with an eye to maximize the capital market profits. In the current trend of development, this market is being forecast to be more dominating in coming years. Any investment in the real estate sector in this city will bring massive return of investment in the near future. Also, with the current development trend, a recent complication due to unavailability of land in areas such as Central Ahmedabad is mounting up. The prices of land has skyrocketed in recent times and these areas are saturated with investment by real estate developers. The heart of this city has optimum connectivity. It is in proximity to every commercial and retail spaces in the city. These has become the best area to invest in residential real estate Ahmedabad.

The eastern corridor of the city comprising the Shahibaug area is a highly preferred residential zone. This is a planned area with many industries and corporations in the vicinity. On the other hand, this area being close to the work place for professionals, there are also ample opportunities for other amenities. Hospitals, the famous educational institutes and universities, commercial hubs and so on are all located nearby this place. These area has become the major destination for masses from upper class and upper middle class investing in Ahmedabad real estate. There is also substantial developments in real estate sector in Northern areas of this city. Places of significance such as Sabarmati and New Wadraj are located in this part. The city municipality has undertaken infrastructure development activities in the Sabarmati riverfront to make these area a major playground for huge real estate developers. Along with residential projects, many commercial projects in Ahmedabad are also clustered around this region.