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Buy Property

Buying a property has always been a complex process for everyone including the experienced buyers. One needs to be very sure about the whole process throughout. Everyone wants to get the best deal available in the real estate sector as this type of transaction doesn't take place everyday.



Here are some of the tips that you should always remember before buying a property:


Legal Advice

Taking legal advice is of paramount importance for almost every property related decisions. Therefore, It is recommended to speak to a legal expert who knows how the whole paperwork and related procedure work. You need to find out whose name appear on the property paperwork. It should always be under the name of the seller who is selling that property. You should always ask for original papers as in most cases sellers show photocopy to vindicate the ownership.


Check all the legal papers related to the property or get them checked by a lawyer. The paperwork should always be clear before proceeding with the deal.


Make sure that the property is free from any liability like mortgage or any other utility bills. Ask for the paperwork which proves that the layout plans of the property are government approved.


In order for the home loan to be approved by the financial institutions, you should make sure that the title of the property is clear.


Understanding the right budget

It is important to know how much money you want to shell out, and how much amount of home loan you are eligible for. It gives you a vivid picture of the options that will suit you the best. Each small expenditure such as lawyer's fee, real estate broker's fee, and registration and notary charges should be kept in mind to avoid any last-minute confusions. Most of us don't want to live at one property forever, hence it is important to know the long term resale value of the property.


Stamp Duty and Registration Fee

When you plan to buy a property, you need to plan your expenses well in advance. And it is very important to understand stamp duty and registration fee associated with the expenditure. You need to know the rates and charges of properties available in your locality and city. Furthermore, market value of your property and stamp duty charges on it can be found out from the valuation-zone and sub-zone.



Areas which are well-connected to the main cities through all mediums, are understood of a significant value. It is good to look for a location which is adjacent to the major areas of the city as the price there won't be that high. It will also increase the resale value of the property in the long run.


Home Inspection

And Finally, measure the land before finalising the property under your name. There are times when sellers can deceive you by showing you the wrong figures on the documents. Hence, confirm the same with the surveyor. In addition to that, don't hurry on to making payment, visit the selected property 3-4 times, inspect and then take a right decision.


Get Professional Advice

Undoubtedly buyers get unlimited access to home listings on Internet. It is always good for new buyers as well as experienced ones to use a professional agent. Look for a consultant that offers an exclusive agent who can help you with options and strategies during the whole transaction.


Communicate before buying a property

Ask questions you have during the entire process. Don't ignore any letter or any information about the property you aren't aware of or you don't understand. Communicate immediately about the same.